Inspiration can hide in plain sight

I had an amazing conversation this morning. Amazing because I woke up so discouraged; “borderline depressed” is probably closer to the truth.

So it was edging toward 11 a.m. and I needed to call a client back. I didn’t feel like it. I felt kind of lazy, introverted, and had a kind of “f*** everything” attitude. But he’d left me a message saying he needed help with something, and he’s a really nice guy (in addition to being a client).

Suffice to say, he inspired me. He asked me how things were going. “Okay,” I said. “How’s the job search going?” And the conversation went on from there. Because this man is a listener and a thinker, he asked me more questions. Because I am always pretty real, and because I trust this man, I spoke of some setbacks and insecurities.

He offered me very specific and useful advice about a couple of things. He also reminded me that the things we’re afraid of tend to be the things we learn the most from. (Enlightenment 101, right? I should know this stuff!)

We got down to the issue he needed help with — inserting a video clip in a presentation for a workshop. We got off the phone, I worked on it, and solved the issue.

He was immensely grateful for the technical help and I was grateful for the spiritual help.

• • • • • • • •

My friends think of me as the “inspiration queen,” but the truth is, of course — because I am actually an ordinary human — I get discouraged too.

I was reminded of a few basic truths:

  • Even when you feel like crawling into your shell — make the calls, do the work, take the walk
  • Inspiration can be found in the most ordinary places and unexpected places
  • Doing a favor for someone makes you feel better.

It’s so simple, it is a wonder that we all need reminding, right?  But we do.

©2017 Margaret B. Moss

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