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  • believe that life is worth living2
  • Walk as if you're kissing the ground
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Those who dont believe in magic2

believe that life is worth living2

The secret of change3

You have to walk and create - osho


acceptance is the beginning

Make an obstinate decision to be happy

Hold on to what is good MBM

The little light of mine I'm gonna let it shine

The heart is the thousand stringed - Hafiz

The grass isnt always greener

be the kind of person who

Can you see all the miracles in front of you

Advice from a tree3

13 Comments on “Inspiration Gallery

  1. Love you page just clicked on a shared picture and found your page just beautiful – thank you for creating it – namaste

  2. Thank you Ann! The site is still very much under construction! I am learning as I go, but it’s very intensive work for a non-coder 🙂 Setting up a store is quite daunting! I will announce on my FB page when the site is ready for prime time (hoping August 1). Hope you’ll come back then!

    xo Margaret

  3. Thank you for allowing me to enjoy the beauty of your site! So inspiring. …❤✌

  4. Life is good. Then I found you. Now, life is better than good. Life is beautifully mine. Thank you.

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